Ohio State Fair CAD Reporting a Success
By Sergeant Matthew D. Lehman
Office of Business Services
Sergeant Matthew D. Lehman

Since January 2008 we have traveled a long way in our efforts to document the value of the tasks we perform on a routine basis in an efficient manner. The field has been honing this stream of data from troopers to the dispatchers through the use of CAD, resulting in a very positive look at what the Highway Patrol does each day.

At the onset of 2009, the Division added additional Incident Types to CAD for the purpose of better documenting Calls for Service to represent those core services we provide daily. The new Incident Types are proving to be very valuable by providing insight into all types of Calls for Service applicable in any environment, whether State Fair, SATOP, METRO, or a Critical Incident. This helps us to better reflect areas of importance and provide operational insight into efficient allocation of personnel to combat incidents and mitigate crime in a pro-active nature in lieu of a reactive nature. Following suit to this new and improved method of reporting our everyday value and core services, we implemented this operational philosophy at the 2009 Ohio State Fair and we moved most of the Calls for Service and Incidents into the CAD environment.

To do this, the Office of Training, Recruitment and Employee Relations and the Office of Business Services prepared a plan of how CAD could be utilized for State Fair operations. Dispatchers from the field, GHQ Post 98, and the Columbus Communications Center provided additional telecommunications support to ensure CAD and radio communications were at a high level of support throughout the fair.

In an effort to reduce paperwork, the blue State Fair Activity card was discontinued. This activity card previously captured Recovered Property, Lost Children, and Towed Vehicles. The information and all Calls for Service at the fair were recorded using the CAD. Maps and detailed reports of the activity were provided daily as a result of the data collected in CAD. It was apparent that the CAD implementation at the State Fair was a success because of the operational reports that could be provided in a very short time. Using CAD at this year’s State Fair will go a long way as we continue to learn how to use the system during large details or incidents.

Our development of the CAD technology will continue to play a roll in helping to advance our ability to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in this great state. We appreciate all of the support and assistance from the field and various offices within the Patrol as we work to continue our nationally recognized programs and practices and to use technology to better serve the citizens of Ohio.

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