Letters from the field
Troopers praised for kind deeds, kind words


I was pulled over for speeding by Trooper Edelbrock from the Lima, Ohio, post on Thursday January 28, 2010, around 5:30PM. He gave me a friendly reminder when I probably deserved a ticket. I just came off a 12-hour shift and was not paying attention, and I was wrong. This trooper was very professional in every way and God knows we need more of them. I think he made me be more aware of safe driving and obeying the law.



On a recent trip home for the holidays, my wife accelerated more than a little too fast to pass someone on the Ohio Turnpike, and we were stopped by an Ohio State Trooper. This was the second time we had been stopped on the turnpike (my wife isn't allowed to drive in Ohio anymore). Each time, the officers we interacted with were the model of politeness, professionalism and courtesy. I've had several interactions with the police in my life (thankfully rarely as the suspect/person being questioned) and I have to say, the remarkably professional and down-right friendly behavior of the Ohio Highway Patrol was in a completely different category from anything I've ever encountered. It made an uncomfortable situation relatively painless, which means more than you might think. If every Ohio State officer acts the way these two officers did, they ought to be loaned out as trainers for departments around the country. Really, they were truly that impressive. Thank you again for offering up a new standard in police interactions.



On Dec 29 at approx 13:30 am, I had the pleasure of meeting Trooper Graham of the West Jefferson Post. Although the circumstances of our introduction were unfortunate, (Vehicle Fire) my experience with Trooper Graham was extremely pleasurable. Her calm demeanor and professionalism played a major part in settling my frazzled condition. Her presence and genuine concern for my safety and well being spoke volumes of her character and dedication to the safety of the general public. Trooper Graham is an asset to your Department. I would like to express my gratitude, and send a sincere "Thank You" to her through the upper echelon of your department.

On another note, as a law abiding citizen, I choose to exercise my right to self defense. As part of that, I hold a valid Concealed Handgun License. I am also an active member of Ohioans for Concealed Carry. At the time of the encounter I was armed, upon her arrival I notified her of this, as required by law. Her reaction to the fact that I was a legally armed citizen was that it was not an issue. I previously had an incident with a DPS agent that had really put a damper on my personal feelings of the Department of Public Safety. The encounter with the previous DPS Agent resulted in the Re-Training of DPS Agents in reference to CCW and Firearms laws within the State of Ohio. Trooper Graham's professionalism in reference to the fact that I was legally armed, has restored my faith in the personnel of DPS. I would like to send another sincere Thank You to her, in reference to this aspect of our encounter.

To whom it concerns, I truly appreciate our law enforcement, as I am bred from a long lineage of law enforcement. Most recently my younger brother, Fallen Officer Grant F. Turner, Maryland Transportation Authority Police, EOW 16 July 2009, and my Father who is a retired SGT from Annapolis City Police in Maryland and also retired from Anne Arundel County Sheriffs Office, in Maryland. Trooper Graham is the type of law enforcement officer that I have come to truly respect and honor. She is the type of officer that I will emulate along with my brother and my father in my future career in law enforcement. Thank you for maintaining this standard of personnel.



I would like to take this opportunity to recognize Lt. Swindell of the Medina Post. He was involved in investigating a fatality accident yesterday (12/30). He was so very kind and compassionate to the family. He assisted us in locating them, and getting them to the hospital, in truly the most horrible time in a parent's life. He truly exemplifies the standards of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

A.S., RN


My wife and daughter were involved in a very serious accident on Saturday evening Dec 26 2009. The accident occurred near exit 38 on I-75. The accident occurred because a deer decided to jump into the path of the vehicle driven by my wife. The strike caused serious front end damage to the car and killed the deer so you can imagine this was a very scary event for both my wife and my daughter. That is why I am glad that Trooper Williams and his partner (whose name I do not have but am equally grateful) were there to help calm my wife and daughter until my arrival. Neither my wife nor daughter was hurt, thank God, and any potential tears were quickly erased by the good natured humor by both troopers.

I thanked the troopers for their extremely friendly, helpful, and calming humor but I wanted to let you, as their superiors, know of our gratitude as well. We, as citizens of Ohio, are extremely fortunate to have two fine troopers keeping us safe. To often the superiors only hear the negatives about those they command. I just wanted to make sure that in this case you heard the positives. Please send both troopers our best and tell them to keep safe.

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