Ham & Bean Lunches

For more than a year, Patrol Retirees’ and Active Members have enjoyed interacting on the first Wednesday of each month at the Training Academy for a “Ham & Bean” luncheon. Last year’s luncheons included a featured Patrol District presenting a short program to the attendees. During 2010, attendees will hear remarks from Shel Senek, President of the Retirees’ Association, Dan Weiss, Executive Director of the Patrol’s Retirement System and Colonel David W. Dicken, Superintendent of the Ohio State Highway Patrol. Retirees and Active Members from around the state have attended the luncheon.

Replica Airplane for Heritage Hall

The Retirees’ Association purchased a 7 ft. wingspan model airplane similar to the 1948 Beechcraft Bonanza, the first aircraft flown by the Patrol. The plane is in the process of being painted to match the original Patrol aircraft along with the original markings. When the project is completed the aircraft will be donated by the Retirees’ Association to the Patrol followed by an aviation dedication ceremony to be scheduled at the Academy. The aircraft is slated to be displayed in Heritage Hall. The model aircraft is expected to be completed in the first part of 2010.

Sunbird Reunion

Jack Walsh & Evelyn Reiss

On August, 22, 2009, 135 Ohio State Highway Patrol Retirees’, spouses, and guests attended the 2009 Sunbird Reunion at the Veteran’s Home in Sandusky, Ohio. Gabe Ferenz, Don, Matt and Denise Manley, Dave Maley and Ruth Emerick hosted and worked this special Retiree event. After the Quarterly Retirees’ Association Meeting, chicken dinners with all of the trimmings were served. An important part of the gathering included time for the Retirement System Board Members, Ret. Colonel Richard (Butch) Collins, Larry Davis, J. P. Allen, Executive Director Dick Curtis and Executive Director Select Dan Weiss to address the attendees’ questions about the Special Legislative Committee. These members solicited input on difficult decisions facing the Ohio State Patrol Retirement System Board of Directors. Members asked questions and were provided responses by their representatives. This session was a positive exchange of information.

Dan & Sheila Weiss, Linda & Fred Goldstein

The new President/CEO of the Ohio State Patrol Federal Credit Union Becky Landis and her husband Rick also attended the gathering. With great appreciation the Retirees’ Association received give-a-way gifts from Becky.

On a solemn note, attendees’ were reminded of the contributions and passing of Adam Reiss who was the Association’s Chaplain and Wendell Webb who hosted this event with wife Irene during past Sunbird gatherings.

President Shel Senek thanked everyone for attending and offered special appreciation to the Association’s Executive Officers, First Vice President Arnie Schropp, Second Vice President Fred Goldstein, Secretary Bob Carson, Treasurer Jim Spurrier and Post President Charlie Linek for their voluntary work. Fred Goldstein offered the Benediction followed by a drawing for give-a-way gifts.

Dick Curtis at his last Sunbird as the Executive Director of the Ohio State Highway Patrol Retirement System.
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