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Cadet Internship Process

Step 1: Application and Forms


  1. Submit the online application at http://careers.ohio.gov.

  2. Click the “Search for State of Ohio Government Jobs” link.

    1. Click the filter button and select department – “Highway Patrol Cadet – College Intern.” 

    2. Click the on the job posting.

    3. Click the green “Apply now” button

    4. If you are a new user, click the “Create an Account” link. If you have already created an account, log in with your username and password.

If you meet the minimum requirements you will be notified by email that you have been scheduled for an exam date.  You will also have to complete the following forms, which will be attached to the email message. All forms must be completed, signed and submitted prior to your exam date to oshpcadetintern@dps.ohio.gov.

  • Applicant Release for Physical Assessment (OHP 0215 HP-47E-PFA). Review, sign and date the form. A witness signature is required; a witness can be anyone over the age of 18.  

  • Vision Specialist’s Report (OHP 1181). This form must be completed by a certified Optometrist or Ophthalmologist within six months of your initial test date.   Vision: You must have uncorrected vision no worse than 20/100 in each eye separately, correctable to 20/20 monocular vision. Color vision must be normal.

  • Hearing Report (OHP 1188.) This form must be completed by a certified Otolaryngologist (ENT) or Audiologist within six months of your initial test date. Hearing: Hearing level shall not exceed 30 decibels of loss at any of the following frequencies: 500 Hz, 1000 Hz, 2000 Hz, & 3000 Hz in each ear.

  • Background Investigation Questionnaire. All questions must be answered honestly and completely. This form should be typed, not handwritten.

  • **Applicants who do not meet our Hearing and/or Vision Standards will not be permitted to continue the hiring process.**


    Step 2: Written Exam

    You must bring your valid driver license with you to your scheduled test date.  Business attire is required.  NO blue jeans, bare midriffs, shorts, tennis shoes or miniskirts are permitted.

    The Office of Recruitment will administer a 54 item exam which is divided into six sections: Crash Diagrams, Ethical Dilemmas, Spelling and Vocabulary, Map Reading, Math and Scenario based Questions. After completion of the exam, applicants who do not receive a passing score of at least 75% will be dismissed from the session. (Calculators and pencils will be provided) Applicants who pass the written exam will immediately move on to the Physical Fitness Assessment.

    There is not a study guide for the exam.


    Step 3: Physical Fitness Assessment

    The Physical Fitness assessment consists of the following:

    • Push-ups: Designed to measure upper body muscular endurance and absolute strength.  The applicant must complete at least the minimum amount required of properly executed push-ups in one minute.

      Push-up technique: A partner will hold a four (4) inch measuring device directly beneath the applicant’s sternum. The device will be held stationary. The applicant will start with his/her hands placed approximately shoulders width apart on the floor and elbows fully extended. The back and remainder of the body should be kept straight at all times. From this full extension, known as the “up” position, the applicant will lower the body toward the floor until the sternum touches the device. The applicant then returns to the fully extended “up” position. This completes one repetition. You may rest in the “up” position only.

    • Sit-ups: Designed to measure abdominal muscular endurance.  The applicant must complete at least the minimum amount required of properly executed sit-ups in one minute.

      Sit-up technique: Begin by sitting in the “up” position with your arms crossed over your chest, elbows touching your knees. Keeping your knees slightly bent. Lower your upper body until your shoulder blades touch the floor. You will then raise your upper body off the floor by flexing your abdominal muscles. Touch your elbows to your knees and repeat. During the assessment, someone will be counting and holding your feet for you. You may rest in the “up” position only.

    • 1.5 mile run: Designed to measure cardiovascular capacity. The run will be completed either on an indoor or outdoor track or other suitable running area measured to 1.5 miles.  You should bring appropriate clothing and running shoes to perform the physical fitness assessment in either environment.

    Below are the minimum fitness standards. Time allowed is based on Institute for Aerobics Research’s twentieth (20%) percentile, based on age and gender.


    1.5 mile run

    Push-Ups/1 minute

    Sit-Ups/1 minute

    Body fat












    1.5 mile run

    Push-Ups/1 minute

    Sit-Ups/1 minute

    Body fat












    Step 4: Polygraph Exam

    Applicants who successfully complete the written and physical fitness examinations will be contacted by The Office of Investigative Services to schedule their Polygraph exam. Refusal to take or complete the polygraph examination will result in immediate rejection of the applicant from the hiring process.

    Step 5: Background Investigation

    Ohio State Highway Patrol investigators will conduct a complete and thorough investigation of your background to determine your suitability for employment as an Ohio State Highway Patrol Cadet Intern.

    Your family, friends, neighbors, present and former employers, fellow employees, school officials, physicians, firms with which you have done business, courts and local law enforcement agencies, etc. will be contacted as part of this investigation. An in-depth interview will be held with you at a location of the investigator’s choosing.

    You will need to begin gathering copies of the following forms for the Background Investigator.

    1. A photocopy of your birth certificate.

    2. A photocopy of your driver’s license.

    3. A photocopy of your marriage license (if applicable).

    4. A photocopy of any/all divorce decrees (if applicable).

    5. A photocopy of your Social Security card.

    6. Copies of ALL paperwork pertaining to a divorce or separation; including financial or visitation agreements.

    7. A copy of your high school diploma or GED certificate and transcripts.

    8. Copies of your college diploma and certificates of completion for any other schooling and ALL grade transcripts of any type of additional schooling past high school. These must be in a sealed envelope from the school.

    9. Copies of title, registration and proof of insurance for all vehicles owned by you or your spouse.

    10. A list of ALL doctors and dentists of any you have seen; include name, address, phone number, date and reason. Also include clinics or hospitals, if applicable.

    11. Copies of medical records from the doctors, clinics or hospitals for surgeries or any serious medical conditions (including allergies). These must be in a sealed envelope form the respective offices.

    12. Copies of DD-214 and ALL military records.

    13. Naturalization forms, if applicable.


    Step 6: Drug Screen

    Applicants will submit to a mandatory drug urinalysis by a Division approved regional medical lab. Applicants must have a negative test to successfully complete the background investigation portion of the hiring process. Applicants with a positive result on the drug urinalysis will be immediately disqualified from the hiring process.


    Step 7: Selection Committee

    The completed background investigation will be presented to the Screening Committee which will review the information and make a determination of your qualifications for employment as an Ohio State Highway Patrol Cadet Intern.


    Step 8: Selection Committee Results

    Applicants will be notified via email the results of the selection committee.  If they pass they will be placed on an eligibility roster.


    Step 9: Orientation and Psychological Assessment

    Applicants will be notified via email of the date and time for the mandatory orientation. At this time you will be required to pass the psychological assessment.