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Ohio State Highway Patrol

Ohio State Highway Patrol Contributing to a Safer Ohio


Trooper Shield

It is a new day in the Ohio State Highway Patrol, and troopers have recently been tasked with this question, What will you do today to contribute to a safer Ohio? The answer can be found in the Patrol’s new symbol of its efforts, Trooper Shield – which challenges troopers to measure progress one day at a time, one less fatality than the day before or one more dangerous driver removed from the roadway.

Troopers are targeting impaired and dangerous drivers while concentrating on criminal patrol efforts and major crimes occurring on Ohio’s highways. There is now an equal emphasis on traffic safety and criminal patrol. However, the Patrol will not be petty fault finders, as troopers are being directed to focus their efforts on the problems that are most important to the motorists they serve. Troopers are tasked with ensuring our children drive on roads safer than we drive on today. To accomplish this, an increased emphasis is being placed on arresting impaired drivers.