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Union County Activity Statistics

The table below shows activity that has been produced by the Ohio State Highway Patrol for Union County from 1/1/2016 through 9/25/2016 and also shows a previous year comparison for the same time frame. Please use the drop down selection in the right column of this page to select another county or area you would like to review.

The activity in this table is provisional and was last updated on 9/25/2016.

YTD Activity



Enforcement Stops 5,365 5,065

Non-Enforcement Activity 5,909 6,906
          Warnings 3,041 3,092
          Motorist Assists 1,603 1,890

Crashes Investigated 247 303

OVI Enforcement 74 95

Driving Under Suspension Enforcement 191 195

Seat Belt Enforcement 798 557

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement 119 93

Felony Arrests 9 13

Felony Warrants Served 6 0

Misdemeanor Summons Issued 85 102

Misdemeanor Warrants Served 15 15

Drug Violations 73 85

Identity Theft Enforcements 0 0

Resisting Arrest Violations 7 3

Weapons Violations 2 1


Union County Fatal Crashes*

*Fatal crash maps are reviewed and updated daily as new crash reports are received.





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Crash Fatality Difference

YTD 2016 vs. YTD 2015


This comparison indicates whether 2016 crash fatalities are up (+) or down (-) from 2015. The number shown is provisional and was last updated 9/25/2016.

YTD 2016 Comparison

Sample chart