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Crime Lab

The Ohio State Highway Patrol Crime Laboratory provides forensic services to the Patrol and other law enforcement agencies. The laboratory conducts forensic analyses in drug chemistry and toxicology. To learn more or about the lab or how to request services, click HERE.

Criminal Patrol

Criminal Patrol is tasked with looking for individuals using Ohio’s roadways for all forms of criminal activity. They work traffic enforcement on a daily basis, but place special emphasis on criminal activities associated with drug trafficking. The Ohio State Highway Patrol began training troopers in criminal interdiction in 1985. In 1992, the Division purchased its first 15 drug-detecting canines. Since that time, the program has expanded and canines are posted in and patrol all of OSHP districts.

The Patrol now deploys three types of canines: single purpose (narcotics detection), dual purpose (narcotics/tracking) and explosive detection. Criminal Patrol Unit operations have proven successful in curbing criminal activities throughout the state. Assigned personnel regularly assist federal, state and local agencies in joint operations. These operations have fostered cooperation at all levels to target criminal activities and improve the quality of life for the citizens of Ohio. 

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Investigative Services

The Office of Investigative Services serves as the investigative component of the Division. Like detectives of other police agencies, Patrol investigators are assigned to conduct complex or in-depth investigations into criminal offenses, unusual incidents or other critical situations not normally handled by uniform patrol officers.

Personnel assigned to the Investigations Section are regularly called to assist uniform troopers at the scene of traffic stops, crash scenes or other situations where criminal activity has been uncovered. These incidents commonly include drug trafficking, auto theft, stolen property or identity fraud. Investigators are also called to respond to serious crimes reported to have occurred within the Division's jurisdiction. These incidents include homicides, assaults, sexual assaults, robberies and other crimes of violence.

In addition to assisting uniform personnel and responding to serious incidents, Patrol investigators handle a variety of other assignments mandated by Ohio law. Investigators are assigned to maintain liaison with various state agencies and conduct criminal investigations on crimes that occurred on state owned or leased property such as office buildings, state parks, college campuses, rest areas or highway maintenance facilities. Investigators handle criminal cases involving all state correctional institutions, juvenile detention centers and mental health facilities. The Patrol also commonly investigates crimes that have been committed against the State of Ohio or crimes reportedly committed by state employees. The Office of Investigative Services also handles criminal cases at the request of the Governor’s Office.

Fraud and identity theft are routine matters examined by Patrol investigators. Many of these incidents are related to the various state licensing processes or regulatory boards in addition to those uncovered during traffic enforcement.

Responsibilities in addition to criminal investigations include conducting pre-employment background investigations on potential Division employees and providing executive protection and security services for various officials and dignitaries.

A unit of investigators is assigned to each District Headquarters. A larger complement of investigators is also assigned to Investigative Offices in Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati. To support the general investigators the Office of Investigative Services also maintains several specialized units within the section:

  • The Vehicle Theft Unit provides training and support for the Division's auto larceny enforcement programs. These investigators assist uniform officers and local law enforcement in investigating vehicle theft related cases. The unit also investigates offenses related to the registration, licensing and titling of motor vehicles as mandated by Ohio Revised Code. Many of these cases include auto theft, title fraud, odometer tampering and altered vehicle identity violation.
  • The Computer Crimes Unit provides training and support for the investigation of crimes involving computers or other digital devices. Investigators assigned to this unit conduct forensic examinations of submitted evidence and occasionally conduct direct investigations of crimes involving computers or state databases. The CCU is located at General Headquarters.
  • The Polygraph Unit conducts polygraph examinations related to on-going investigations or for pre-employment purposes. The unit regularly conducts exams related to Division crash or criminal investigations and for patrol applicants. The unit also provides this service to local law enforcement agencies. The Office of Investigative Services maintains polygraph examiners at General Headquarters and investigative offices in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Findlay and Massillon.
  • The Counter Terrorism Unit is comprised of officers assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force. These investigators work in partnership with various federal, state and local law enforcement officials to investigate matters related to terrorism and homeland security.

The Office of Investigative Services also maintains two specialized investigative teams. The Critical Incident Response Team is comprised of investigators specially trained to handle critical incidents involving Division officers or mass crimes scenes. The Crisis Negotiation Team is made up by investigators trained to communicate with subjects involved in crisis situations such as hostage or barricade incidents.

Ohio Investigative Unit

The Ohio Investigative Unit is a component of the Ohio State Highway Patrol comprised of enforcement agents who are fully-sworn, plainclothes peace officers responsible for enforcing Ohio’s alcohol, tobacco and food stamp fraud laws.

Agents investigate suspected illegal activity in liquor permit premises (bars, restaurants, carryouts, etc.). Investigations may be related to locations operating without a permit or to drug, gambling, counterfeiting or property crimes in liquor permit premises. Agents also investigate the illegal manufacture of alcohol, as well as businesses and individuals involved in food stamp fraud, and provide alcohol-awareness education to students and education on Ohio liquor laws to liquor permit holders and their employees.

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