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Office of Personnel

Administrative Investigation Unit

The Administrative Investigative Unit is responsible for conducting and overseeing the Division’s administrative investigations, response to resistance/pursuit cases and Patrol car crashes.

Employee Evaluations & Development

The Employee Development and Evaluation unit oversees the talent management and organizational effectiveness programs through cutting-edge solutions grounded in research to support the mission of the Ohio Department of Public Safety. Working hand-in-hand with our employees, we provide the following programs:

  • Testing and assessment for exempt and bargaining unit positions
  • Performance management
  • Organizational development services which utilize action-based, survey research to identify and define solutions to address issues at various levels within the organizational hierarchy
  • Training programs that complement career development.

Employee Relations

The Employee Relations Team serves as a resource to all Division employees as intra-agency advisors/mediators or trainers to facilitate open and honest communication, mutual working relationships and uniformity amongst the Division.

Professional Standards

The Professional Standard Section provides guidance to commanders regarding interpretation and application of the four Collective Bargaining Agreements in which the Division has employees. Section employees handle all steps of the grievance procedure up to and including serving as Employer Advocates at arbitration.

In addition:

  • Members of the section review administrative investigations and make disciplinary recommendations for rule violations committed by employees. The employees of the section serve as liaisons between the Division, the Union(s) and the Office of Collective Bargaining.
  • A member of the section serves as a board member for the Employee Assistance Program and is a member of the statewide Labor Relations Advisory Committee.
  • A member of the section serves as the coordinator for the Random Drug Testing Program for the Department.
  • The section assists with the administration of the Health and Physical Fitness Program. The section also instructs classes on work rules and labor relations to dispatchers, cadets, troopers and newly promoted lieutenants.
  • Members from this section take suggestions from the field, draft contractual language and serve on the employer's team during contract negotiations between the state and the Ohio State Troopers Association.
  • Members from the section also serve as representatives for the Employer during Labor Management Committee meetings.


The Recruitment Section locates and recruit applicants for the employment with the Ohio State Highway Patrol. Click HERE to learn more about a career as a trooper, police officer, dispatcher or Ohio Investigative Unit agent.

Regional Training

The Regional Training Unit (RTU) is an extension of the Ohio State Highway Patrol Training Academy. It is an outreach training program sponsored by the Ohio Department of Public Safety for our Ohio law enforcement partners to attend training locally. The RTU partners with various colleges, universities, vocational schools, high schools and other law enforcement agencies to obtain logistical support and facilities for training. Training opportunities are posted to the Public Safety Training Campus (PSTC). All members of the Ohio law enforcement community are encouraged to register with the Department of Public Safety and the Ohio State Highway Patrol in order to search and register for available courses. Click HERE to learn more about regional training opportunities.

Staffing Services

Staffing Services coordinates Division position postings with section and field commanders, who assist with Division hiring and selection interviews when necessary. The review of all transfer requests (including hardship transfers) are conducted by this office, with the exception of transfers of troopers in conjunction with Academy class assignments. The review and monitoring of residency requirements are performed as needed for sworn personnel. In addition, the Member Assistance Team is activated and directed through this unit.

Training Academy

The Ohio State Highway Patrol Training Academy is committed to providing high-quality training through educational programs to both our staff and fellow members of the law enforcement community. Our Training Academy provides a positive learning environment that emphasizes professionalism, team work, integrity and courtesy in public service. To realize our commitment, we have developed courses that target the current, specific needs of our audiences. Click HERE to learn more about training opportunities.

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