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Office of Logistics & Security Services

Capitol Operations

The Patrol’s security presence in state-owned or -leased properties includes a highly-visible presence in the Ohio Statehouse, Vern Riffe Government Center and the Rhodes State Office Tower, as well as the Ohio Judicial Center, which houses the Ohio Supreme Court. The four buildings are often the site of protests, rallies and demonstrations concerning a wide variety of issues. The responsibility for providing security at these four buildings, which are home to about 6,500 employees every work day, rests on the shoulders of our Capitol Operations Unit, which also includes the Patrol’s explosive detection canines.

Technology & Communication Services

Technology and Communication Services (TCS) manage the operations of Central Install and General Headquarters Electronic Technician Shop (ET) Shops. ETs oversee the operations, updates and repair of electronic equipment installed in command vehicles, SkyWatch towers, and the tactical communication vehicle. They review communication interoperability requests from federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, research communication and other electronic equipment technologies, and oversee the radio communications by working directly with Ohio MARCS, the Federal Communication Commission and equipment vendors. ETs manage statewide and major local projects and provide technical support during mission-critical events throughout the state.

Central Install

Central Install is responsible for installing radio and electronic equipment in Highway Patrol cruisers and handles vehicle installations for fleets belonging to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Ohio Homeland Security, the Ohio Department of Taxation, and Ohio Division of State Fire Marshal.

General Headquarters Electronic Technician Shop

The General Headquarters (GHQ) Electronic Technician Shop is responsible for electronic equipment assigned to GHQ Sections, oversees the radio templates and encryption keys and acts as a liaison for the district ETs during mission-critical events. The shop also oversees maintenance and deployment of command vehicles, SkyWatch towers, the tactical communication vehicle and the communications equipment cache.


The Logistics Unit provides uniforms and equipment for about 2,200 uniformed employees and provides stockroom supply items to Patrol facilities throughout the state.

Shipley Telephone Electronic Technician

The Shipley ET is responsible for telephone operations for the Shipley Building, Alum Creek facility and the Training Academy and works closely with the GHQ ET Shop to provide additional support to the District ET Shops.

Communications Support

Communications Support maintains all telecommunications systems used by Highway Patrol employees, including the radio system, telephones and cellular telephones. All service requests for communications equipment and services are reviewed and implemented through this office.

Command Vehicle and SkyWatch Observation Tower Operations

TCS is responsible for the Division’s command and communications vehicles in support of the field for special details and emergency deployment. TCS also oversees the maintenance of the Division’s SkyWatch Observation Tower(s) equipment and works directly with commanders, Ohio Homeland Security, and federal, state and local agencies in the deployment of the towers to support mission-critical details.

Computer Operations/LEADS

The Law Enforcement Automated Data System (LEADS) is the criminal justice information network for Ohio law enforcement. Under Ohio Revised Code Section 5503.10, the superintendent of the Highway Patrol is responsible for the administration of LEADS and implementing rules for the operation of and participation in the LEADS program.

Business Operations

LEADS Business Operations oversees all operational aspects of LEADS, which includes processing misuse allegations and investigations, law enforcement agency applications for FBI-issued originating agency identifiers, FBI-required monthly record validations, expungement requests, and all LEADS agency requests for service.

Auditing & Training

The Auditing & Training Unit conducts on-site audits to ensure appropriate use in accordance with FBI and LEADS operation manuals and conducts training for LEADS terminal agency coordinators, annual in-service, basic LEADS use and other specialized topics.


LEADS Security works closely with Ohio law enforcement agencies to implement the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Security Policy requirements, which protect against unauthorized access to or release of criminal justice information. The unit conducts FBI-required technical security audits of LEADS agencies, which include on-site interviews, inspections and finding remediation. 

Computer Operations

The Computer Operations Unit provides service for all Highway Patrol computer systems and supports systems infrastructure at campus buildings, Highway Patrol posts, Bureau of Motor Vehicles field offices, LEADS agencies and in enforcement and specialized vehicles.


LEADS Control is the 24/7 help desk for LEADS users. The unit monitors the health of the LEADS core message switching system and network and provides assistance to users including troubleshooting service impacting issues, making LEADS entries, resetting passwords, validating records and LEADS certification.

Network Operations

The Network Operations Unit provides network services for the Ohio Department of Public Safety. The unit supports network infrastructure in the datacenter, campus buildings, and at remote sites.


LEADS Programming administers a software suite, which includes hotfiles, archive and retrieval, validations, operator aid, core message switching and the end-user application, to deliver timely criminal justice information on a 24/7/365 basis to Ohio law enforcement. Staff develop and support applications that enable mobile access to criminal justice information, provide business operations continuity and support other areas of the section.

The Hub

The Hub is comprised of the Watch Desk, the Intelligence Unit, Statewide Dispatch Management and the Threat Assessment and Prevention Unit. To request services from the Hub, call (614) 466-2660. ... Read more


The Fleet Section is responsible for all Ohio Department of Public Safety vehicles. The section prepares specifications and purchases vehicles in addition to the routine inspection, assignment and salvaging of the vehicles. Fleet is also responsible for maintaining data in the statewide vehicle cost computer system and operating a fuel card program. They also review all fleet-related invoices, install decals and seat covers on enforcement vehicles and operate motor pools at the Shipley Building and at the Alum Creek Facility.

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