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Providing Post-Critical Incident Aftercare for Ohio's Safety Service Personnel

About Us

Post Critical Incident Seminars

Ohio ASSIST hosts three-day Post Critical Incident Seminars (PCIS) in Ohio and can help safety service personnel from Ohio apply for PCIS events in partner states. These events are provided free of charge for safety service personnel and their families.

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Ohio ASSIST supplements Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) and Critical Incident Response Service (CIRS) programs already in place throughout the state and serves as a referral resource for persons requesting CISM / CIRS services.


Incidents include, but are not limited to:

  • Use of deadly force
  • Mass casualty response
  • Serious injury
  • Serious illness or death of safety service personnel
  • Prolonged events of a highly stressful or dangerous nature
  • High-profile or emotionally charged events
  • Off-duty events, including death or serious injury
  • Illness or death of family member
  • Natural or man-made disaster response
  • Any event that overwhelms or compromises the ability to cope

Apply for a Seminar

Apply for a Seminar


Suicide Prevention / Support Organizations

Franklin County LOSS (Local Outreach for Suicide Survivors)

National Police Suicide Foundation

Suicide Prevention Coalition of Logan & Champaign Counties

Chaplaincy Resources

Safety Forces Center

International Conference of Police Chaplains

Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio Critical Incident Response Service

The Critical Incident Response Service is available to all first responders in Ohio who are effected by a traumatic event.

Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio Critical Incident Response Service

Ohio Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Ohio Employee Assistance Program (OEAP) is an intake, information, counseling referral and support service for state employees and their family members.

Ohio Employee Assistance Program (EAP)  

Partner Agencies

Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) - C.O.P.S. programs for survivors include the National Police Survivors' Conference held each May during National Police Week, scholarships, peer-support at the national, state, and local levels, "C.O.P.S. Kids" counseling reimbursement program, the "C.O.P.S. Kids" Summer Camp, "C.O.P.S. Teens" Outward Bound Adventure for young adults, special retreats for spouses, parents, siblings, adult children, extended family, and co-workers, trial and parole support, and other assistance programs.

Georgia - Contacts: Andy Carrier, 706-836-4410, acarrier@gsp.net; Eric Wilkes, 912-618-9392, ewilkes@gsp.net; Kevin Jones, 404-624-7543, kjones@gsp.net

North Carolina Law Enforcement Assistance Program - The mission of the North Carolina Law Enforcement Assistance Program (NCLEAP) is to respond to the actual needs of law enforcement officers, first responders, their families and civilian staff. The work of NCLEAP is focused on turning vulnerability into strength through education, training, peer support, and pastoral care.

Oklahoma - Contact: Doug White, 405-519-1861, dwhiteaz@msn.com

South Carolina Law Enforcement Assistance Program - Employee assistance program which provides services as well as maintaining a cadre of volunteer chaplains across the state.

Texas - Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas PCIS - PCIS is offered to first responders, tele-communicators, and active and veteran military personnel who have been through highly traumatic events, PCIS can be the difference between long lasting effects of trauma going unresolved and unexamined and thus keeping one from entering a road to recovery.

Virginia Law Enforcement Assistance Program - VALEAP’s team responds to critical incident events and offers PCIS and related trainings.

St. Francis Spirituality Center First Responders Post Trauma Training - Operation Resilience retreat program to develop skills for maintaining a sense of peace in daily living. Education sessions are interfaced with process sessions and informal time together.


Addiction Awareness

Crisis Awareness - Police Wives of Ohio

Crisis Intervention Training