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Lt. Dianna White

Lieutenant Dianna White joined the Patrol in June 1989 as a Cadet Dispatcher at the Springfield Post. She began training in January 1990 as a member of the 119th Academy class. She was commissioned that June and was assigned to the Portsmouth Post. In September 1992 she transferred to the Granville Post. She was promoted to the rank of sergeant in October 1997 and transferred to the New Philadelphia Post. In August 1998 she transferred to the LEADS. She was promoted to the rank of lieutenant in February 2000 and was transferred to the Office of Technology and Communications. Lt. White currently resides in Lancaster.

In My Own Words

Being an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper became my career goal after I attended Buckeye Girl’s State my junior year in high school. A couple weeks later, I attended Junior Cadet Week at the Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy and experienced the life of a cadet trainee for one week. I was impressed with the training, professionalism, specialized opportunities within the organization (for example: investigations, crash reconstruction, police instructors, aviation, etc.) and the physical fitness incentives.

I felt this job would give me opportunities to help people, give back to the community, and make a difference. I grew up in an area that was economically depressed and jobs were very limited. The patrol offered great pay, vision, health and dental benefits, tuition reimbursement, and a deferred compensation program similar to a 401K.

I joined the patrol in 1990 after obtaining my bachelor’s degree in social science at Urbana University. I was selected to serve as a recruiter for the Patrol because of my degree and spent a lot of time recruiting at high schools, colleges, and attending job fairs.

I have enjoyed being a trooper on the road and a field recruiter, being a sergeant at a post, and being a lieutenant and managing a staff of 35 employees in the Office of Technology and Communication Services. My career has afforded me many opportunities that would not have been otherwise possible such as traveling to other states as a representative on a several national committees, meeting people from all across Ohio, and attending state paid training. I recently returned to school and am working on my master’s degree in business administration at Franklin University.

It is an honor for me to be a part of the history of women in the Highway Patrol. I have grown both personally and professionally throughout my career, and would strongly encourage other women to consider the Highway Patrol as a career.


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