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To request Patrol aviation services, call the OSHP HUB (614) 799-6633

The Ohio State Highway Patrol Aviation Section consists of 16 uniformed flight crew personnel members, three helicopters, and 14 airplanes. Nearly every aviation service performed by Patrol pilots is available to other law enforcement agencies. For traffic enforcement, search assistance, aerial photography, evidence relays, or marijuana eradication, the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Aviation Section is a tremendous asset to law enforcement throughout the state.

All aircraft are equipped with police radios that can be programmed to communicate with other police agencies. Also, all aircraft are equipped with MARCS radios, which are part of Ohio’s law enforcement and first responder radio and data communication network. Click HERE to download a video about the Aviation Unit.

Traffic Enforcement from the Air

Patrol pilots are an integral part of the Patrol’s efforts to reduce traffic fatalities. Patrol pilots make speed evaluations of vehicles over a measured distance, which allows pilots to pick out more severe or aggressive driving violations.

Operation TRIADD

Operation TRIADD (Targeting Reckless, Intimidating, Aggressive and Districted Drivers) is a comprehensive enforcement and media relations program focused on the most dangerous drivers on Ohio roads. It is a collective enforcement effort involving the Patrol, local law enforcement agencies and the media for public awareness. The program is generally conducted in and around metropolitan areas where the most egregious aggressive driving violations often occur. Working with officers on the ground, Patrol pilots look for dangerous driving behaviors such as excessive speed, erratic lane changing, and following too closely.

School Bus & Railroad Crossing Enforcement

Using aircraft to enforce school bus and railroad crossing violations is advantageous as pilots often observe behaviors drivers are unlikely to engage in when an officer on the ground is present and visible.

Aerial Searches Including FLIR

Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) can be an effective tool for searching for fleeing traffic violators or other fugitives on the run. It also can be used to help search for disabled and/or disoriented patients missing from nursing homes, hospitals or similar patient care facilities, lost children, and overdue motorists.

Aerial Photography

The Patrol has a very open policy about providing aviation support and services to any agency in the state that could benefit. Patrol pilots can assist with access to any area where “bird’s eye view” photographs would help document a scene for evidence or prosecution. Aerial photographs help better document crime and crash scenes, and can give any type of investigation another documentation perspective.

Marijuana Eradication

The Patrol participates in an active marijuana eradication program with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, but Patrol aircraft are also available to other law enforcement agencies for aerial detection of marijuana.


The Patrol’s Caravan aircraft is equipped with a state-of-the-art surveillance package for covert day or night surveillance of persons or objects on the ground. Along with the ability to view and record information, the technology provides the opportunity to digitally send images to one or multiple ground-based receivers, allowing on-scene commanders to make tactical decisions based on real-time information.

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